Our Startups

We are currently working on a wide range of business projects which include software development, luxurious villa rental services, as well as educational gaming tools (edutainment games). Different teams manage each particular startup. Our specialist team members do, however, provide expert knowledge as needed across multiple projects within the different  companies.


Mailbird is the shiny new Windows based email client that consolidates your online activity into a single clean, user friendly, beautifully designed space.  Start having fun organizing your life, getting things done, and staying connected all in one place. This is email evolution. Refashion your means of communication at work, home, and play with Mailbird –  it’s your new best friend.


Labster’s business is dedicated to bringing life science teaching to life. The Labster platform is a 3D virtual learning environment based on a Virtual Lab. Labster includes molecular 3D animations, quiz questions and background theory that engages students in an immersive, game-like multimedia experience.

Project Getaway

Live the dream, work in paradise, and experience ultimate freedom. Project Getaway is an exclusive opportunity to network with adventurous, successful entrepreneurs throughout the world. We create an experience for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs where they have the opportunity to learn, live, work and have fun together for 4 weeks. Giving them enough time for brainstorming and exchanging ideas. Project Getaway takes place in October every year. But we are looking to create even more amazing events in 2015.

Smart Launch

The preferred choice for gamers and gaming centers. It is a cyber cafe management software which is designed to deliver complete management and billing solutions for internet cafes. Smartlaunch enables cyber cafes of any size, to reliably track and monitor customers, applications, and billing, with minimum set-up time and maintenance. The software also provides extensive statistics, so the clients can make the best possible decisions and grow their businesses.


Now finding the right villa in Bali is hands down the easiest thing to do. Vilondo helps you to find the dream Bali accommodation, in a location that is convenient to you, with the right amenities, and in close proximity to great activity and adventure sites. The best thing of all, is it comes at the right price.


MagLoft is an all-in-one design and publishing platform for native book/magazine apps for iOS and Android. We offer our users predefined template designs and a drag and drop editor to create their content. Unlike most of our competitors we focus on true interactive and responsive content built using HTML5, CSS3 and JS. All using simple drag and drop building blocks. MagLoft let’s anyone become a digital publisher!

Ventus Performance

Ventus is a software company dedicated to making efficient and value-creating data and reporting solutions for Wind Energy investments. Ventus especially delivers value through products that decrease Cost-of-Energy and increase capital in-flow, through 1) saved cost from automating data collection and reporting processes 2) Increased revenue by enabling informed and proactive decisions, and 3) Increased performance transparency, giving investor comfort for the benefit of more and cheaper funding

Startup Heroes

Startup Heroes is a revolutionary online edutainment game that creates awareness around entrepreneurship for university students. The game is developed in cooperation with a Danish university and can be applied to multiple universities and subjects.