Livit Startup Studio

Livit collaborates with our founders and co-founders on building the next generation tech businesses. We are an active part of our startups as a co-founder, filling in where needed within the technical aspects of the business (CTO, CPO or similar). Livit Startup Studio also supports the startups with specialist resources, spaces, career development, mentoring and access to investors – All elements in the Livit Ecosystem.

Hear it from our co-founders

We began the Livit Startup Studio model in 2010 and since then we have created multiple successful startups. But don’t just take our word for it – Get it straight from our co-founders here.

What is Livit Startup Studio?

Livit Startup Studio is different from a regular accelerator, co-founder and incubator in multiple ways. Most importantly we don’t just mentor, advice or invest in startups: We build them! 

Co-Founder Accelerator Livit
Startup Studio
Raw Execution Power 1 person None 1 co-founder + 10 specialists
Mentorship / Advice None Several mentor (with domain expertise) Dedicated/invested mentors (with domain expertise)
Network / Connections Limited to 1 person Many Many within Livit's industry focus
Investment None / personal funds Seed funding Seed funding + access to specialists
Office Spaces None Yes (usually 3 months) Yes (1 year, free)
Community & Living Spaces None None Yes (1 year, free)
Equity Share Equal shares 5-10% Equal shares

We are more than a Startup Studio – We are a Community

At the core of the Livit Ecosystem we have our Livit Spaces. Livit Spaces is our co-living and co-working space where great people come together to create, build and develop amazing businesses and products.

Here we can focus on our work  and immerse ourselves in the most productive environment, with a strong network of like-minded, passionate people. Livit Spaces is our infrastructure and it enables us to focus on work and play.

Network of Entrepreneurs
Network of Entrepreneurs
Productive & Relaxing Work Environment
Productive & Relaxing Work Environment
No Daily Chores
No Daily Chores
Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle
100% Focus on passion
100% Focus on passion

The Startups of Livit Startup Studio

Livit has multiple startups in its ecosystem. 3 of these have been part of our Startup Studio program and have grown to more than 80 team members today.