Livit Specialists

All Ecosystem startups and partners have direct access to all of our specialists and can use them
for specific tasks as well as mentors within specific areas of interest.

A core part of our Tech Startup Ecosystem is our Specialist team. All the  specialists are Livit Team Members that have expert knowledge within a specific field of business. The specialists are focused on helping the Ecosystem Startups grow, develop and succeed fast. We believe that easy and low cost access to expert knowledge is vital for startups that want to succeed and grow fast – especially in the early stages.

By being part of the Livit Specialist Team all specialist also have a high level of knowledge and insights into each startup which makes it easy for them to support each business in the exact way that they need it. This way the entire Ecosystem can benefit from the specialists knowledge without having to bring on board multiple full time team members or try to solve the puzzle without expert knowledge.

Meet the Livit Specialists

The Specialists cover most areas where a startup can be in need of expert knowledge and support. We are constantly developing and expanding our Specialist team and here are the areas we currently cover:

Growth Hacking

Can change everything

Growth Hacking is a vital part of having a tech startup succeed. With two Growth Hackers, the Specialist Team is on top of developing the businesses  by combining marketing, creativity, analysis and business development with tech knowledge. The focus is on data-driven growth hacking by optimizing acquisition, retention and sales conversion funnels using all the latest data tracking tools. The end-result is instant growth in your # of active users and sales.

Michael Bodekær

Web Development

Make a great first impression to your customers

Every startup needs a website and therefore we have added a PHP web developer to the Specialist Team. In collaboration with the other specialists we have created an advanced WordPress web template for all of our websites that is easy to customize and designed specifically for startups.  With a Web Developer Specialist on the team it’s easy to come up with the best solutions for the websites and combine the effectiveness and backbone of a website with the visual design and good looks.


Mahmoud Gamal

Web Design

Great design increases your perceived value to customers

For the best startups today, quality is key and so is great design. Great design equals high perceived quality for your product which equals more users and more sales.
The key is to make the most user friendly designs that have a modern twist and encompasses the brand identity of the businesses in the details. Making the website and thinking “out of the box” about the business can be hard. Having access to a specialist viewpoints and helping with the design and knowledge is of great value.

Dejan Nesic


Grow your business with top talent

When running a small but growing startup it’s important that you have the right people with the right kind of skills. Building a specialist force of knowledge within HR, legal aspects as well as recruitment will ensure that everything is done right and that the right candidates are found and hired correctly. The HR and Recruitment team also helps with the on-boarding to the extend needed.

Alexandrina Danifeld

Alexandrina Danifeld

Project Management

Execution and productivity is key

When startups grow and few people need to collaborate on a lot of different tasks, planning and execution is key. Setting the right structures and making the right plans can create the platform for fast decision making and development. Most startups move so fast that the focus is spread too thin on too many tasks and for this reason we have added two Execution and Productivity Specialist to the Team. A one time encounter with this specialist can optimize everything from workflow, communications, milestones and time plans, task and time management as well as productivity and team work.

Carolina Mera

Kristina Viderø

As a startup in the Livit Ecosystem you get direct access to all of our Specialists. But you can also join our Specialist team as an expert within a specific area. We are always looking for qualified people to help our startups grow and succeed. You can check out the open job posts or send us an unsolicited application containing your resume and CV through our Career site