Livit Spaces Happenings


Every now and then, The Power House team sets up a gathering by having a barbeque party. It is time to relax and enjoy food and drinks with fellow team members.


Explore the museums, check out the nearby tourist attractions, or just take a stroll through the fantastic tropical land, that is amazingly rich in culture. It is an eye opening and magical experience.

Movie & Karaoke Nights

Watch and recommend movies at the Power House theater (our outdoor big screen), or have a blast singing  karaoke with the team. Your evenings will be so much fun!

Wake Boarding / Surfing

A day at Sanur or Kuta and even a day in Pangandaran or Batu Karas,  wake boarding, surfing or simply sunbathing on the beach is always a relaxing fit when you are with the Livit team.

Party Time

Chill out, grab a drink,  dance and jive all night with the whole crew. You haven’t been to Bali without a vist to SkyGarden!


A challenging and rewarding venture for those of you who appreciate beautiful sunrises, and making it to the top of some of the many wondrous mountains on the island of Bali.


Rafting is a great way to bond between fellow team members. It’s an activity where we can work together to conquer the heavy current of the river.

Cross Fit

Cross Fit is a fitness program that combines a variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. We always Cross Fit with fellow team members, for a much more fun, and encouraging work out.