The people living at our Power Houses are some of the most passionate entrepreneurs like you. On this page you get to see a list of all the cool entrepreneurs currently living and working here with us. You can also see the complete list of entrepreneurs that have stayed with us. We are very grateful to have met you all and are always ecstatic to see you return for more!

People Here Now

Inten Tirkasari

Power House Manager

Kind hearted, sensitive, and a hopeless romantic. Bored with routines, I get excited about new ideas, while trying to kick ass at everything I do. A superwoman in the making.

Michael Bodekar


Passionate, water sports addicted tech geek, who sees opportunities everywhere and loves to create awesome products that can support a fun, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.

Aditya Yuwono

Game Programmer

I’m a Game enthusiast who enjoys playing games as well as making them and a 3D hobbyist who like making low-poly characters.


Andrea Loubier

CEO of Mailbird

Vivacious, sassy yet sweet, entrepreneurial, marketing/buzz creator. A love for people, making things happen, travelling, and learning!


Arie Leo

3D Artist

Tech enthusiast, 3D artist, Avid Gamer And passionate in game art.

Ayuning Kendran

Software Engineer

I am an adventurer by heart, and enjoy the simple things in life, experiencing new things, & sharing my passions with others.

Nick Martin


Laid back half danish half english dude who loves to play golf, surf and have FUN in life! Serious about computer games but always ready to joke about and have fun with the team.

Edwin Krisnha

Software/Web Developer

Tech enthusiast. As an Entrepreneur in the making, I am committed to lifelong learning and not afraid to call myself a GEEK. I’m a full-time carnivore, who lives life to the fullest.

Rudy Pangestu

Game Developer

A gamer, game programmer, science & technology lover, kinda geeky but lovely.

Aslam Hadi Harsono

Software/Web Developer

I’m a photo and movie lover. Call me when you want to eat something good.

Rendi Rainando

Concept Artist/Graphic Chef

A silly boy with huge passion in art and design. In charge of making things looks good and in style. Expert in illustration, interface design, typography, art direction, photography, drunk dance off and 7 hour karaoke.


Game Developer

A passionate game developer, who loves nothing more than giving joy and excitement to other people through my games.

People who have stayed here

Carl Hörberg


Endless explorer and knowledge sponge. Building passive income by automating servers and selling platform services.

I’ve had the time of my life living here and being able to focus 100% on building my latest startup. I highly recommend Livit Spaces

Mads Bonde

Founder & CEO

Mads is a passionate entrepreneur and innovative biotech researcher. He has founded the company Labster that develops a Virtual Biotech Lab and his research is focused on making Coli bacteria produce gazoline and medicine by genetic engineering.

Livit Spaces is the perfect place to get things done while enjoying life. By removing shopping, cooking, cleaning, transport etc. I have been able to enjoy Bali while increasing my overall productivity.

Julie T. Bonde

Art History Student

Julie has a background in art history and strategic visual communication. Her interests are in visual culture and digital aesthetics.

Benjamin Lupton


Open-collaboration entrepreneur. Founder of Bevry, DocPad, History.js & Startup Hostel. Aficionado of JavaScript, Node.js, Open-Source and HTML5. Always learning and improving; appreciates the entire journey; loves life.

Helen Lupton


Fun-loving, cuddle-hugging, multi-lingualing, yoga-doing, massage-practioning, coffee-baristing, ex-nursing, looney of many talents.

Kim Hansen

CTO of Kwamecorp

Daily leader of ninja engineer team building software, mobile and startup solutions with cutting edge technologies.

We had a great experience at Livit Spaces. We managed easily to enjoy our creative healthy lifestyle while being very productive.

Pedro “Bixinha” Arelo

User Interface Ninja

A highly trained UI assassin that never gets scared of a challenge. He is a complete master of both the UI Designing & Developing art. Also camouflages himself as a longboard surfer to hide his true noise musician identity.

Unique experience, awesome people to connect with, amazing place, loveable staff, smiles everywhere.

João Afonso

Software Developer

One of the best in the world in the art of air guitar, one of the top 10 worst surfers in the world and a coder.

These guys rocks, great work environment, and really good vibe for entrepreneurship. It was kind of hard to be there working in consultancy and seeing innovation and dreams coming from everywhere. Really recommended for everything, but its for sure the place to start and build a startup.

Pedro Cardoso

Senior UX and UI Designer

A Mountain bike addict, a photography lover, working for all related with design in exchange for money to travel and share experiences with my kids and their mother. Music, films and Lego also account for a good part of my passions.

Who, in his right mind, creates a workplace in the middle of a vacations paradise?
Well, I would say, people with a vision of how creative spirits works. This is what I discovered in Project Getaway, people and an environment that fosters productivity, focus and creativity.

Jens Jakob Andersen

Founder at E-Invest ApS

I am an online Marketing guy, focusing on the essentials in life. I suck at any music instruments, though I am an awesome diver.

SG made so much sense to me. No daily chores, delicious food and most importantly a great community of awesome people.

Click Here for a Short Video of Jens’ Adventure in Bali