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September 20-30, Livit is joining 10 days of co-working, networking and fun with other awesome entrepreneurs at Project Getaway Bali 2016.
Come along! Join us and grow your network and business.
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The Livit Spaces is a core element of our Livit Ecosystem placed in Bali. It’s a co-living and co-working space where great people come together to create, build and develop amazing businesses and products.  For the last four years people from all over the world working on various projects and businesses have come together at Livit Spaces

Livit Spaces offers entrepreneurs a space where they can focus on their work  and immerse themselves in the most productive environment, with a strong network of like-minded, passionate people. Livit Spaces is our infrastructure and it enables us to focus on work and play. The motto for our Spaces is


Get Shit Done and Have Fun!

Network of Entrepreneurs
Network of Entrepreneurs
Productive & Relaxing Work Environment
Productive & Relaxing Work Environment
No Daily Chores
No Daily Chores
Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle
100% Focus on passion
100% Focus on passion

At Livit Spaces everything is taken care of. No cooking, cleaning or any other daily chores that hours out of your day and don’t bring you closer to your goals. Here, together with great people with promising projects, you can solely focus on what truly matters: your passion.

Livit Spaces – Coming together

The Livit Spaces covers two main areas.

The spaces are all located together in our 9 villas in Batubulan in Southeastern Bali. Here Livit team members are working closely together with all the different startup team members that are also located here. We believe that this mix of passionate entrepreneurs enables a creative, productive and super fun environment where the lines between work and fun become blurred.

Livit Team Member

Livit Team member space is the space where all Livit Team Members work from. At Livit we have expats as well as locals that come together in this space to work on inspiring projects. Some of the Team Members live and work at the spaces while others go home after work.

We also have a lot of Team Members that are working remotely or in our other offices around the world. At the moment we have Livit Team Member Spaces in Copenhagen, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bandung. Apply to join us on our adventure!

Team Member

Livit Guest Entrepreneur

Livit Spaces offers stays for entrepreneurs to work on their startup without any distractions or daily chores, and where they can immerse themselves in the most productive environment, with a strong network of like-minded, passionate people.

Update October 3rd 2015

Unfortunately the guest entrepreneur program is no long available. Our startups are growing and we have reached our maximum capacity. We are investigating options for expanding and ultimately re-opening the guest entrepreneur program as it was a huge success for everyone.



Join a Startup!

Livit Spaces is housing several startups and they are all usually looking for new team members to help build awesome stuff. If you are interested in kicking back that boring corporate job and embarking on a new exciting startup adventure in Bali then this is for you!

Check out the current openings here:

Join a Startup

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