Livit Values and Beliefs


We do what we love, and always look for ways to enhance our skills and share our passions

DARE TO DREAM: Have clearly defined personal dreams and aspirations and understand how to reach them

INSPIRE: Understand and share your passion for your work and personal career development in order to inspire people around you

LOVE WHAT YOU DO: Stop doing things you don’t love. Start doing the things you do love. Remember that there are always people who love to do the work you do not like to do.

We strive to build the most fun, inspiring and productive team environments in the world

‘A’ PLAYERS: Hire only the most skilled, motivated and collaborative folks!

LEARN: Always strive to become better and learn new things. Share your learnings and embrace ideas different from your own.

RESPECT: Respect your team members’ work, initiatives and ideas, and be loyal toward them.

TRUST: Trust your friends and colleagues. Always give them the benefit of doubt.

BE TRUSTWORTHY: Be trustworthy by being congruent. Walk the talk. Always keep your promises.

TEACH: Offer constructive feedback and teach. Do not criticize without specific ideas for improvement.

HAVE FUN: Smile, laugh and make sure you make others smile every day too. Joke around – life is meant to be fun, and laughter brings out the best in people.

FEEL AT HOME: Build the most inspiring and productive working environments in the world. Think of the ideal place you would want to be and live.

We act as entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs act, lead and create

BE PROACTIVE: Take action. Implement fast. Do not put off for tomorrow what can be done today.

LEAD: Lead people by way of creativity and inspiration and use it to have others want to follow your vision and dream.

ACHIEVE: Plan and prioritize daily. Evaluate past performances to continuously perform your best.

NEVER STOP: Act as if there were no boundaries, and if you fail – which you will do at some point – you simply get back up, dust yourself off and move on.

BE PRODUCTIVE: Eliminate bureaucracy and unnecessary processes. Automate whenever possible.

BE RESPONSIBLE: Take responsibility for your actions, in-action and reactions. Always!

BE THE BEST: Always search for and implement the best ideas, regardless of their source. Be inspired through thorough research – always sniff out the greatest ideas and trends!

ITERATE FAST: Build minimum viable products fast. Get feedback. Measure. Review. Repeat.

ALWAYS IMPROVE: Be relentless in your pursuit of constant improvement. That is how we can make the world a better place, through better products, services and solutions.

EMPATHIZE: Listen to customers and understand their pain points and where they are coming from.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Find the simplest and fastest way to solve any challenge you face.

BE OPEN TO CHANGE: Change is good and allows us to explore new ways of doing things even better.

COLLABORATE: Support your team in adapting to changing environments.