If  you see yourself fitting the bill of what you have read about Livit as a company, then you have the opportunity to become one of our Livit Rockstars.

We are reminded everyday that there are so many facets to life and that it should be fun and enjoyable balancing them all. We are great believers in doing things that we love, living the dream, and sharing our passions. We encourage our people to implement this in their everyday life – thus, we believe in supporting a great life, happiness and doing what you really love.

Find a job you love and you will feel you never worked a day in you life!

We strive to make Livit one big happy family. We work in great surroundings, where we can be relaxed and focused on GETTING THINGS DONE, while inspiring and supporting each other. No matter how you do it – as long as it is with great energy and focus – then in the end you will see GREAT RESULTS.

What we offer

At Livit everyone is encouraged to be an entrepreneur and to have a an entrepreneurial spirit. Livit offers you more freedom and flexibility to work. We do everything we can to make sure that people have the freedom to act in order to maximize productivity and freedom . We provide all the support and encouragement needed for you to achieve your goals. We empower team members to make decisions and implement new ideas and initiatives. We believe that people should drive their own careers, and life at work should be a journey of continuous learning. You will find Livit challenging, inspiring and rewarding.

At Livit, you can work from anywhere at anytime you want, remotely from home, a cafe, or in the office. We are not an organization that settles for the “corporate monkey” with the typical 9-5 work shift. We know that people have their own work patterns that elicit their productivity and efficiency. Therefore, we support the freedom to choose your own work pattern, where you accomplish most, with the feel of working a freelance job. No matter how you do it, you will succeed by maintaining great energy and focus on getting things done.

Livit will give you the opportunity to further develop  and fulfill your true potential. At Livit we believe that creating a fun and relaxing environment will help optimize your capabilities. With Livit, you will work as a part of global team, with a great working atmosphere, and be exposed to opportunities for Continuing Professional Development. You will learn how to build start-ups from seasoned entrepreneurs, receive regular coaching and training, and attend exciting events. At Livit, you will find inspirational team members, within a fun-loving company. Work hard, play harder!

Job opportunity

Join Livit or one of our fun and exciting startup companies! We are looking for  super skilled individuals in everything from design and development, sales and marketing, to strategy and finance. You will be working together with passionate people who love their work and projects, and are always striving to become better, while making sure they enjoy life to the fullest. This is the perfect opportunity to work and build what you are passionate about – and you gt to do it with other great like-minded people.

What are you waiting for?

We offer you

  • A fun and challenging opportunity to work on exciting new startup companies within online services, software and mobile apps.
  • All projects you will be working on will be startup related and when ready, you will be appointed responsibilities early on.
  • You will receive regular coaching and training in entrepreneurship.
  • Salary per month based on experience and performance.

What we expect in return

  • You have a strong passion for your work and possess the need to create great results.
  • You have a high motivation, drive and energy to be a part of building successful startup companies.
  • You have a huge appetite to learn from peers and to always become better at what you do.
  • You are fun, friendly and just an overall great person to be around.

Want to join our world?

If you do not find the job you want to apply for between our vacancies – do not worry! We are always happy to hear from talented and inspiring individuals who would like to join one of our teams.

Please submit your CV, a short bio and let us know how you can add value to our team to [email protected]. Then we will evaluate and decide whether there is an opening for you on our team! And even if we do not have an opening at the moment we will save your application for future reference.