We Livit

We Livit is everything we do; It is our vision, our mission, our culture, our career, the way we work and the way we think. We are Livit.

Why Career Development?

Career Development is an important element in personal and professional growth. We believe that personal growth is key a successful startup as well as a happy life.

As entrepreneurs we always strive to become better at what we do and enhance our skill set. Livit has therefore made it a mission to create the best platform possible for all members of Livit to learn and develop – individually and as a team.

With our Career Development Program we provide everybody in the Livit Ecosystem with acces to our platform of courses and best practice sharing as well as our coaching program.

Work Reinvented

We do what we love and always look for ways to enhance our skills and share our passions

We act as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs act, lead and create

We love change and see it as a sign of opportunity, progress and growth

In order to encompass all the different beliefs in
Career Development our program is divided into two categories


E-learnings program

Our e-learning platform is a collection of internet courses, books, articles and videos that all aim at developing the skills and personal growth of the Livit Members.

We have created a top of the class e-learning platform on our intranet and linked it to all personal profiles, coaches, skills and courses. So while the Livit Members expand their skill set they are also building their personal portfolio and tracking all progress.

All courses are rated and recommended by in-house startups and entrepreneurs so that we don’t spend unnecessary time looking for good quality courses.

This e-learning platform also empowers knowledge and best practice sharing in an easy way.

Coaching program

The second element of the Career Development Program is our coaching program. The coaching program builds upon internal coaching for all Team Members. The coaching sessions are supposed to be fun and challenging and help us build an entrepreneurial environment of thinkers and leaders.

The personal coach enables the Livit members to break down their dreams and goals into tangible next steps by challenging assumptions and active listening. The purpose is to increase effectiveness, enhance the reflection, identify strengths and development needs to work towards personal growth.

Career Development Team


Carolina Mera

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Kristina Viderø


Mahmoud Gamal


Rob Matwiejczyk


Lavinia Iosub


Alexandrina Danifeld


You can join our team and get access to the entire Career Development Program as a Livit Team Member or apply for your startup to become part of our Startup Studio Program. This way you will get access to our Coaching Program and E-learning platform and also get a tailor made program for you to help you and your business accomplish your goals.