Mailbird Wants you

Mailbird is hiring!


The all-star team at Mailbird is looking for a motivated, experienced Rockstar “VP of Growth to lead the overall growth efforts of the company by planning and executing the right levers of growth through product and marketing.

You will be getting the opportunity to lead Mailbird’s exceptional growth with our passionate team and create great impact on how people use email and online communication every day.

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Next to bringing our awesome software to every Windows user out there, you will get the great opportunity to work from the extraordinary paradise setting of Bali. The freedom and flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world, while also enjoying awesome Bali Mailbird hackathon getaways. Living life and work in perfect balance #DreamJob.


You will also be an equal part and play a significant role in our annual Hackathons in Bali where the entire team comes together from all over the world to get a lot done, aggressively push product updates and marketing initiatives in 30 days of intense work.

Final Countdown

While weekly sportive activities will keep your body in shape, personal development and/or professional coaching sessions can be taken to achieve new goals and to expand your knowledge and expertise.


What is Mailbird?

Mailbird is a beautiful communication platform with a big vision to reinnovate the way we communicate in small and medium sized businesses and we already have more than 400.000 signups.


We have won multiple prestigious awards and been voted the best email client for Windows both by users, PCWorld, IT World and many others. We’ve been featured on BBC, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, The Verge, The Next Web and The Huffington Post among many other major news outlets. Mailbird has a huge potential market with millions of people using Windows, which is anticipated to see even more growth in 2015.


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Our team consists of a diverse group of unique, resourceful, smart and passionate people who are dedicated to innovating online communication and productivity. Joining our team means building the future of how we stay connected and get things done through technology that delivers an awesome experience. We work hard and also have a lot of fun together. We hold ourselves to a culture of high productivity and happiness, which is very evident on day one with our team.


What can we offer you?

  • Salary based on experience and skills
  • Flexible working hours with a 40 hr/week commitment
  • Be part of a unique, flexible and fun team in a bigger startup environment
  • Access to Livit resources which include your own personal coaching program, access to startup specialists and office space in Livit Spaces
  • Regular reviews to guide your performance
  • Unique, fun and challenging hackathons held in Bali, Indonesia 3-4 times a year
  • Stock options for high performance and impact

Why do we love working for Mailbird?

Everyone of us loves working for Mailbird for different reasons.

Andrea - CEO
Andrea – CEO


Michael – CPO


Olsen – CTO


Abe - Developer & Co-Founder
Abe – Developer and Co-Founder


Dimas - Developer and Co-Founder
Dimas – Developer and Co-Founder


Christin - PR & Media Relations
Christin – PR & Media Relations


Pallav - Growth Hacker
Pallav – Growth Hacker


Leo - Chief Customer Success Officer
Leo – Chief Customer Success Officer

Antonio - Senior Developer
Antonio – Senior Developer

What should you bring to the team?

We are looking for someone to join our fun team with the following requirements:

  • Successful and proven past experience in growing userbase/revenue of a company.
  • Data driven mindset with a strong understanding of AARRR funnel and its optimization.
  • Deep understanding of user experience and how to leverage it for growth in the product.
  • Successful past experience with paid acquisition channels and has spent more than $30,000 in profitable campaigns.
  • Hands on experience with programming languages specially HTML, CSS and JS would be a definite advantage.
  • Has the capability to analyze and break down complex data into useful information to use it for growth activities.




You think you are or you know someone who is the best candidate for this challenging and awesome position? We want to meet you!

What are you waiting for? Apply now or send the this link to the person you think would be a great fit. We are literally looking for the next Noah Kagan, David Skok, Sean Ellis and Brian Balfour – a real growth and data scientist ready to take on Mailbird’s huge addressable market by storm.


Mailbird Seeking Angel Investors

We are ready for some serious rapid growth.

Mailbird is going into the next round of investment and our entire team would love your support so we can invest more resources into growth and software development.

Mailbird is looking to raise a seed round of $500,000 USD. Mailbird already sees +27% Monthly Active User growth. That is month over month, and we are ready to take that even further. Best of all, the first $150,000 USD has already been committed.

The capital will be invested into growth for Mailbird as we are taking the business to the next stage. We have a solid complementary founding team and a great product. Any risk related to technology, product/market fit, customers, business model and recruiting have now been mitigated from the founding to pre-seed stages.



How to help?

We want to find the perfect investors for Mailbird who are just as passionate about what we are doing for online communication and work collaboration. So, here are ways you can help us reach out to more investors for Mailbird:

A. Share the news on your social channels

We would like to share our proof of concept with potential investors. Proof of Mailbird’s massive support by an awesome and extremely loyal community of users since the very beginning.

“Investors: as situation of Windows universality strengthens it would be a good idea to check in on @getmailbird and founder Andrea Loubier.” – D. Crets

Like Mr. Crets, it would be awesome if you could help us spread the word on your online networks. You can use the pre-written Tweets and posts below. If you want, feel free to edit them so it suits you best.

  1. Twitter

“Investors, Mailbird is opening their next round of investment soon. Worth looking into considering Windows universality is strengthening.”

  1. Facebook, Google+ Community, LinkedIn etc.

“Mailbird, best Email Client for Windows, is going into their next round of investment. Definitely worth looking into, considering Windows universality is strengthening and growing.”

B. Share the investment news wherever you can

You are a blogger, writer, author or know someone that is? Awesome! Maybe your and/or their readers are interested in finding out more about how Mailbird is actively raising a seed investment round. If so, please contact Christin ([email protected]) for more details.

Going to dinner at a friends place? Perfect! Let them know about how the Mailbird team is raising a seed round, while enjoying the dessert. Share this exciting news, and help us make the best email communication platform ever for you.

the team

pie chart



Let’s do this.

With your support, we can take Mailbird to the next level and create the best all-in-one communication hub, creating the benchmark standard for Windows and many other operating systems.

We just updated our profile on AngelList with the latest numbers and information (viewable to registered and accredited investors on AngelList only). So now you can get a quick overview here before you decide. Cannot see the latest updates? Just email Andrea ([email protected]) for more info, we’d love to set up a call with high value investors.

We continue to build like crazy! We are excited to take Mailbird to the next level, together with you. Looking forward to connecting during these exciting times for Mailbird, for email, for Southeast Asia startups, for productivity and for online communication.


Have a great idea?
Hit the jackpot in Silicon Bali!

Happy Friday everyone – it surely is one here at Livit, we’re sizzling with updates and great news.

 As most of you know already, Livit is a tech startup ecosystem that builds innovative businesses from Indonesia and Denmark, providing them with mentors, specialist resources, access to investors, career development and inspiring co-working spaces.

ss-startup-studiolearn more 4
Livit already hosts and partners up in a number of successful startups such as Labster, Mailbird, Vilondo and Smartlaunch.

Today, we’re launching a new element, the Startup Studio, which means that we are now looking for one more startup to take under our “wing”. We therefore invite founders and co-founders to collaborate on building the next generation tech businesses. And, as opposed to just mentoring or investing in an idea, we become a full time co-founder with equal passion for it.

startup studio 

So, what kind of a startup are we looking for?

  • Early stage, pre-funding – we’d like to start the collaboration as early as possible because Livit supports startups that are bootstrapping.
  • Maximum 2 co-founders  – ideally 1-2 founders with complementary skills in need for a second or third co-founder to complement the team.
  • Significant market potential – we are focused on ideas that are new, challenging and with high impact potential.
  • Open to co-living, co-working and bootstrapping – Livit Startup Studio’s main offices are located in Bali in our co-working space: Livit Spaces. It’s an easy way to connect with the other startups, work closely with our specialists and to keep costs low when bootstrapping.

Potential areas of business enterprise and consumer software for desktop or mobile (cross-platform, e.g. Xamarin), EdTech, AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and Digital Publishing.

And, as every partnership in our business model is based on a strict win-win principle, let’s quickly go through what we contribute and what we would like to see the new startup come with.

You pack and bring along

  • A jaw-dropping idea
  • One or two co-founders
  • Commitment and passion

And we provide

  • A co-founder – Livit currently fills roles such as CTO, CPO, CMO and CEO within the existent startups
  • Mentors, advisors and experts (in-house as well as external CEO’s, CTO’s, CPO’s, financial advisors, etc)
  • Access to our Specialists team (growth hacking, finance, marketing, web development and graphical design, HR & recruitment and so on)
  • Accommodation at Livit Spaces. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and other mundane tasks are taken care of by our staff. On top of that, we provide an instant social life and a fun fitness schedule. Trust us, it’s a pretty great place to be in 🙂

 To cut the long story short, if you have a kick-ass idea and would like to nourish it but you lack any kind of resources (moral, human, logistic, financial), Startup Studio is waiting to hear from you.

 If you’re still reading, curiosity probably got the better of you, so here is Startup Studio’s brand new page.

The Startup Studio Team wish you a sunny day filled with new ideas.