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Livit is an Indonesian (Bali) and Denmark based tech startup ecosystem that builds amazing businesses by providing specialist resources, business knowledge, creativity and inspiring spaces to startups. Livit’s primary focus is software and online solutions where tech and entrepreneurship are at the core of our businesses. The Livit businesses include several consumer and B2B software solutions, online services as well as several edutainment games and simulations.

In accordance with our vision of creating the optimal ecosystem, Livit has created a place where sharing knowledge and ideas are the main focus of the business. This place is known as “Livit Spaces”. Livit Spaces is a space for creativity where people work together across all the different startups in order to share knowledge and create more amazing stuff. By working so closely together all our startups become a core part of the ecosystem that enables the businesses to grow – because growth is our true north! Several people work on multiple startups sharing best practices and knowledge and supporting our bigger vision.

As part of the ecosystem, Livit offers its startups a number of specialist resources to help them grow and develop. These specialists support the startups within areas of productivity and execution, PR, communications, online marketing, growth hacking, recruiting, graphical design, programming and development and software testing. When startups experience their initial growth, they are often faced with challenges especially with regards to scarcity of knowledge and resources. By being part of the Livit Ecosystem the startups will be provided with the necessary resources to overcome these common challenges. Here they can use the Ecosystem resources to the extend they need until they have grown enough to start hiring their own specialists and grow even bigger. This gives them a unique opportunity to grow dynamically, which is an important part of our focus and supports our vision to:

Inspire and Empower Entrepreneurs to Change the World

The Livit Vision

Inspiring and Empowering Entrepreneurs to
Change the World.

The Livit vision is the one thing which always ensures that our focus is aimed at executing tasks necessary to achieve our vision.
All elements of the Livit Ecosystem are coming together to enable this vision

The Livit Mission

The Livit Mission is to be the world’s best startup ecosystem that offers a truly unique support to all of our startups. We will allow great business ideas to develop into fast-growing, financially lean and successful businesses. Our mission is to bring together the brightest and most driven business people from all over the world in order to leverage key startup resources, to learn and grow using only the absolute best and most efficient tools available and thereby create highly successful businesses that have a truly great and positive impact on the world. We want to leave a legacy for others to use and build upon!

We build amazing stuff that we believe will change the world

The Tech Startup Ecosystem Elements

Ecosystem 3 Elements - Illustration


The Livit Ecosystem is a number of different elements coming together creating a very special world of entrepreneurship, friendships, business partnerships and fun. Every element adds to the value of the ecosystem and every element is carefully selected to build the ultimate place for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Startup Studio

Startup Studio is a Livit program where we co-found startups and help them grow with the support of the Livit Ecosystem. The new businesses become part of the ecosystem and can pull resources from all our specialists as well as from our managing team while we support them full time with a co-founder and tech team. Some of our Startup Studio startups are living with us at Livit Spaces while others are placed outside Indonesia.

Livit Spaces

Livit Spaces is the Livit world. This is the community that brings everything together. Here we create amazing businesses, test our crazy ideas and have a lot of fun in the process. Livit Spaces provides the infrastructure for Livit. The office space, the food, the cleaning and laundry, the pool – and even the sports. This means that all daily chores are taken care of so all we need to focus on is work and play!

Specialist Team

The Livit Specialist team is a complex pool of expert resources that Livit provides for its startups. Here the startups can get guidance and help to create everything from a customer support system to public relation consultancy. The specialist team is growing and at the moment we have 9 Specialists supporting the startups with everything from Growth Hacking to Graphical Design and Recruitment.

The Beginning of Livit

In 2009 Michael Bodekær quit his management consulting job at Mckinsey & Company in Zurich, Switzerland, to explore the life as an entrepreneur. At this point Michael had already successfully exited two of his own startups, so he already knew that building amazing businesses was his passion. In 2010 Michael decided that he needed some new inputs and inspiration for his new life as a lifestyle entrepreneur. After a lot of searching Michael decided to test out his dream as a one month experiment: Inviting 11 entrepreneurs from all over the world to live and work together in beautiful Bali. He called it Project Getaway. See Michaels TEDx talk in Ubud and hear the whole story from the man himself.

After the first Project Getaway event Michael changed his plans and he never got on the plane back home as intended. Instead he traveled Bali for months looking for the perfect place to build a startup community where inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world could live and work together and create great businesses. At the end of 2010 Michael found the perfect spot in Batubulan in South-eastern Bali. Together with the local community he started building Livit Spaces – a co-working and co-living community. As the community grew and more and more startups were made the Livit Ecosystem emerged. Creating the best possible setting for a startup to succeed became the core passion for the people living and working at all the various startups here. Today 14 people are working solely on providing the startups with the best possible resources to succeed and grow. Livit Ecosystem provides all the startups within the ecosystem with everything from hard core coders to soft web designs and communications – and we are far from done!

We believe

At Livit we approach all things with an open mind. We are laid-back and yet extremely focused on getting (important) things done. We are persistent and work hard at solving any problem we might encounter on our way and we always see all problems as exciting challenges and an opportunity to learn and improve. By nature we are all highly flexible in order to be able to take action on the passing challenges everyone eventually will get exposed to in a startup environment.

We always believe we can do better, whilst always remembering to appreciate everything we have accomplished and have right here – this very moment! That is the foundation of how we all each day improve even further. We all love what we do.  and we truly believe that you perform your own very best when you do the things you love the most. Therefore we strive never to do things we do not wish to do, simply because we know that someone else will love doing them instead.

We also believe in distributing the power and putting the decision-making authority to where the knowledge is. Therefore, we have implemented Holacracy in the beginning of 2014 and eliminated all people managers. In Livit we are all responsible for our own tasks and areas of expertise and we have full authority to make the decisions within these areas. This also gives us the space to be creative, to experiment and have a lot of freedom whilst doing so. We work together as teams to express the purpose and the goals of the organization and we constantly strive to make it even better.


See the amazing team behind the Livit Startup Ecosystem

Kristina Viderø

Managing Director

Michael Bodekær


Rune Ørndrup

Head of Finance and Business Management

Carolina Mera

Business & Career Development

Mia Pagh Jensen

PA and Remote Community Manager

Eka Maharta

Indonesian Operations Manager

Nick Martin

Community and Event Manager

Ni Luh Putu Yuniari

Business Support Manager

Alexandrina Danifeld

Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Ida Dewi Dhyana

Finance Assistant

Dejan Nesic

Frontend Developer

Amanda Persi

Communications and Project Coordinator

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