Inspiring and Empowering
Entrepreneurs to Change the World.

Livit Ecosystem


Livit is a tech startup ecosystem designed to be the perfect place for your startup to grow and succeed fast.
In short, Livit acts as the perfect tech co-founder (e.g. CTO or CPO) for your startup, and also provides specialists teams within PR, product design, marketing, growth hacking, accounting, etc.
Join a great culture exclusively for inspirational entrepreneurial people. Here entrepreneurs from all over the world come together to build great businesses!

Michael Bodekær, Founder of Livit


The Livit Community

In the Livit environment, online and offline, we share our passions, visions, goals, life lessons and artistic impulses. It is a place to work, be highly productive, to play, to eat healthy and to meet people like you, who dare to dream big and to realize their dreams while living life to the fullest. Most of all, Livit is about building great things together and having tons of fun in the process!

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Our Values and Beliefs

We Act as Entrepreneurs

Creativity is the main engine and there are no boundaries. We set goals, share ideas, and find the most productive ways to complete tasks. We believe that brainstorming and exchanging ideas with awesome team members  is vital for attaining your goals.

Fun Team Environments

We strive to build the most fun, inspiring and productive team environments in the world! Think of the ideal place you would want to be and live. We respect each other and create an environment of trust, creative freedom, fun and education.

Build Great Companies

We always search for and implement the best ideas, regardless of their source. And we always improve! We are relentless in our pursuit of constant improvement. That’s how we can make the world a better place, through better products, services and solutions.

We Love Change

We are always open to change - Change is good and it allow us to explore new ways of doing things even better. We focus on collaboration and  support our teams in adapting to changing environments. We believe in achieving our goals by embracing change.

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Livit is located at Startup Getaway which is a co-living and co-working space for entrepreneurs. In order to fulfill our vision to Inspire and Empower Entrepreneurs to Change the World we have created Startup Getaway as part of the Livit Ecosystem. Startup Getaway facilitates all our infrastructure, offices, housing, food and even sports – And it therefore plays a vital role in our vision to build the best startup ecosystem. Besides facilitating the infrastructure for the Livit Ecosystem and all of our startups, Startup Getaway also rents out rooms within our community for other lifestyle entrepreneurs that wants to join our community for shorter or longer periods of time.

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Startups in the Livit Ecosystem

project gateaway
Startup getaway