We build ambitious, innovative and globally
successful technology companies.

Livit Ecosystem


Livit is a tech startup ecosystem designed to be the perfect place for your startup to grow and succeed fast.

In short, Livit acts as the perfect tech & product co-founder for your startup, and also provides specialists teams within PR, product design, online marketing, growth hacking, accounting, etc.
Join a great community for inspirational entrepreneurial people. Here entrepreneurs from all over the world come together to build great businesses!

- Michael Bodekaer, Founder of Livit


Would you like to join us?

There are three ways that you can join Livit – In Bali or anywhere in the world


Livit Spaces offers entrepreneurs a space where they can focus on their work  and immerse themselves in the most productive environment, with a strong network of like-minded, passionate people.

As an entrepreneur or a team working on your own projects you can join our co-living and co-working community Livit Spaces as a Guest Entrepreneur. Livit Spaces takes care of all mundane tasks and all we have to do is build awesome stuff and grow our businesses. You can read more about our spaces on our Livit Spaces site and book a room through AirBnB

Livit Guest Entrepeneurs

We build ambitious, innovative and globally successful technology companies and therefore we are always looking for passionate and talented entrepreneurs to join our team.

Livit is growing rapidly and so are all our different Startups. Whether you are working as management, development or as a specialist you will be part of the Livit family and have access to our Career Development program and will be working with people who love their work and projects, and who always strive to become better, while making sure they enjoy life to the fullest

Join Us

Livit Startup Studio is an alternative to the well-known incubators and accelerators. So if you have an idea or a startup in the early stages and you are looking for a tech or product co-founder here is your chance! We provide all the resources necessary, help set the right team, get access to investors and immerse you in our beautiful co-living and co-working community in Bali: Livit Spaces.

All our current startups have been part of the Livit Startup Studio but this is the first time that we are opening up for external startups, entrepreneurs and ideas to join the Livit family. We open up for applications this April.

Livit Startup Studio

The Livit Community

In the Livit environment, online and offline, we share our passions, visions, goals, life lessons and artistic impulses. It is a place to work, be highly productive, to play, to eat healthy and to meet people like you, who dare to dream big and to realize their dreams while living life to the fullest. Most of all, Livit is about building great things together and having tons of fun in the process!

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